What Happened to Spanish Pop Music?

What Happened to Spanish Pop Music?


Music speaks to us in many languages and with every lyric we can identify our selfs. Recently I notice something that really bother me.  As much as I tried not pay attention I was not able to leave it alone.  This past week the Latin Billboard nominees where officially announced and to my surprise I saw a category oddly strange. I don’t know if you know any of these artist but three of them have nothing to do in a Latin pop category.

Latin Pop Songs Artist of the Year, Duo or Group
Alexis & Fido
Chino & Nacho
Jesse & Joy
Wisin & Yandel

Why is Wisin & Yandel along with two other groups getting paired with Jesse & Joy? Last time I checked Wisin & Yandel sang reggaeton and Jesse & Joy does indeed sing pop. I don’t know why Billboard decided to combine the two music genres together into one. I think someone really does not know how to distinguish the difference between pop music and reggaeton music. I also think that Jesse & Joy is not the only Pop group that exist. Reik for example also sings pop and they took out a very good album last year.

Rio Roma is also a duo that took out another good album. Even though those artist took out two very successful albums last year we might not get to here much of their songs on the radio.  To my opinion a pop category just looks wrong with artist that do not sing pop music.