Carlos Vives Breaks Another Record

Carlos Vives Breaks Another Record


In just a few hours of releasing the new music video, “Al Filo de Tu Amor,” Carlos Vives reached the number one spot in the popular video site YouTube in Colombia. In the United States the video came out in the seventh position. This production was released last Friday, and in a short period of time the video started trending on social media. The popular artist decided to film his latest production in New York City with the beautiful Colombian model, Ariadna Gutiérrez. Felipe Montoya from Mestiza Films produced the video.

The last song Carlos Vives released titled, “La Bicicleta,” featuring Shakira, was a huge success. There is not doubt that this new single will also become another big hit for the Colombian artist. Later this year, Vives will begin his tour, which will visit several cities in the United States.

For the time being, we leave you with his latest video, “Al Filo de Tu Amor,” so you can enjoy.

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