Don’t Miss Angry Birds in Theaters this Friday

Don’t Miss Angry Birds in Theaters this Friday

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In a few days, the wait will be over and children of all ages will be able to see the anticipated movie “Angry Birds”. The film directed by Clay Kittis and Fergal Reilly, from a screenplay by “Simpsons” writer Jon Vitti. This new movie is full of funny moments that the whole family will love, so if you don’t have any weekend plans, then gather the whole family and go see Angry Birds in a theater near you this Friday.

In this film the main character, Red, will confront his temper management problems in an island populated by happy people. Everybody in the island lives happily until a group of mysterious green piggies arrive in town. Red does not trust the good intentions of the green piggies, and along with his friend’s Bomb and Chuck, is determined to find out why the green piggies have invaded their island. Together they will embark on an adventure to rescue their family and friends with the help of Mighty Eagle.

The whole family will enjoy this animated film that started as a game, and now made it to the big screen.


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