Sonus Wants to Revolutionize Your World!

Sonus Wants to Revolutionize Your World!


Last night at the Grammy Museum in L.A. I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive private performance of Sonus a pop rock band. The three brothers born in L.A. but raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina have open shows for One Direction and have been compared to the Jonas brothers. Their newest single tittle “She likes it Like That” has electric rhythms as well catchy music beats that will have you dancing all night long.

The three brother band formed by Marcelo, Andrew and Alex already have a huge following in Argentina, but they are coming back to L.A. to reunite with there fans. Their latest  youtube video “Vecina” already has 60,615 views in a short period of time. Their fans go by the name of “Sonusters” and go crazy for them.

Last night the fans that attended went crazy as the brothers hit the stage. At the end of the show the fans rushed over to take pictures and get an autograph of their favorite band member. Sonus has definitely come back stronger than ever before. Fans are already going crazy for them and sooner than later they will be selling out all of their concerts. They are definitely a must see band you can’t miss out on if you want to have fun while listening to good music.

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