Coachella Says Farewell

Coachella Says Farewell


Weekend two of Coachella went down this past weekend and as many fans rave for more the Coachella festival ended with great success. Weekend one was all about what celebrity hit the festival and the private parties they all attended. Although the Coachella festival has always been about the music and the performers. The thing that I loved about the first weekend is the Zedd hit the festival and gave an amazing show as well as Disclosure along with Sam Smith. I totally love how Sam Smith sings he definitely has talent and can actually sing.

The fans this time got to experienced better weather and nobody got annoyed by a little sand while performing. Weekend two was also all about young beautiful women taking over the festival which was totally amazing. Ellie Golding, Lorde, Lana del Rey, Solanage and many other girl groups took over weekend two. The crowd seemed a lot more hip even though some celebrities were still around. The whole festival was completely amazing and left fans with a bitter sweet feeling at the end of the night. Coachella closes its doors for now, but  the excitement continues next year with more spectacular performances.

One thought on “Coachella Says Farewell

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