Coachella Closes off Weekend One!

Coachella Closes off Weekend One!




As the anxiety built up on the opening day Coachella goers got to experience the first weekend. As the curtain fell down on the Sahara stage fans scream for a never ending weekend. Here is a recap of the first weekend on Friday Zedd, Martin Garrix and Ellie Golding gave an amazing performance. For Martin Garrix it was his first time playing at Coachella and he definitely did not disappoint the crowd. The ones that kinda disappointed were Bastille by all the reviews that I read. I think they are a great upcoming british band and the fact that they were at Coachella says a lot to me already.

On Saturday the sand storm that hit the festival did not cause any problems. Although some artist did complain a little and did not seem to happy. Pharrell was a little annoyed about the wind storm that took place while he performed. But every year it is expected that the performing artist brings special guest to come and perform and Pharrell William did not disappoint. Gween Stefani, Nelly, Snoop Dog, P.Diddy and Busta Rhymes showed up to support. Lorde also performed on Saturday and her performance was amazing. I love how Lorde does not try to imitate anybody and just does her own thing.

Sadly Sunday came but there was still a lot to enjoyed from Coachella before it was all over. Calvin Harris hit the stage and played his latest hit “Summer Time.” I was definitely looking forward to see Calvin Harris perform at Coachella. The day was winding down and Coachella fans experience an amazing first weekend of the festival. Until next time that the sunset hits the Sahara stage fans will be ready to Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat…….


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