Shakira Comes Back Better than Ever.

Shakira Comes Back Better than Ever.




I finally got the opportunity to go to Target this morning and purchased the album. Target team up with iheart radio to do the Shakira CD release party last week plus, Target has the deluxe edition of the album. I did hear the album the day it release on Spotify, but I love listening to music better in my car. I like to drive down the highway listening to my favorite music and feeling the wind in my face. I like all the songs in the new album, but my favorite songs are Spotlight, Chasing Shadows, Cut me Deep and You Don’t Care About. The album is amazing you guys need to go out and buy it I promise you wont regret it. The album is worth every penny so please don’t make the silly choice of downloading it. I have been a Shakira fan since she was singing “Pies Descalzos” I have seen her evolve over the years and I truly look up to her. I know that with hard work and dedication just like she has done it my dream job will come when I least expected.


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