Relive the best Super Bowl Moments!

Relive the best Super Bowl Moments!


With great success Bruno Mars performed at the Super Bowl halftime show. A young chorus of children started out the performance. He later appeared from behind playing the drums.  The rest of his band members slowly started coming out as well. Mars came out singing “Lockout of heaven” to open the show. He then sang “Treasure” and  then he started to snarl “Who are you rocking’ with-you rocking’ with the best.” I loved how he started to dance in the middle of his presentation. The way he moved his legs and the split he did was definitely the highlight of his performance. Bruno Mars definitely knows how to entertain and put a good show.

Towards the middle of his performance the RHCP came out with their classy outfits to hip up the crowd. I love the videos that came out from the Soldiers that are over seas. The videos were very cute and were a good intro to his last song “Just the way you Are.”

The lights and the fireworks complemented his performance. I know some people are comparing what he was wearing to something that Justine Bieber wore a couple of years ago. But Bruno Mars could wear anything and he will look absolutely fabulous. So there is no need to be comparing Bruno because he is unique in his own special way.

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