Why are Gay Guys More Friendly than Straight Guys!

Why are Gay Guys More Friendly than Straight Guys!

I don’t know about you but I’ve been having this little minor issue. I always seem to fall for the cute gay guy lol. Once I get to know him really well we end up being really good friends. Lately I have more gay friends than girl friends. I feel that I can tell them anything and everything and we can gossip all day. I love my gay friends they are a girls best friend no doubt. But nothing other than a good friendship is what I can aspire too. But I am tired of dating and putting myself out there to regular straight guys. Most guys I have dated or recently talked to seem to be straight up jerks or just want to have sex. I am seriously tire of that why can I find a sweet nice guy who thinks going out for ice cream and holding hands is so romantic.

I feel that all the fun dates that used to exist with time have disappear. All that exist now is guys wanting to have one night stand. What has happen to expressing your real feeling to somebody you think is cute and has a genuine personality? With time looks will fade away and that gorgeous body will age. I feel it’s a lot harder to find a nice available bachelor these days. They all seem to have faded or gone with wind. Like I don’t intentionally  fall for guys that are morons, but that is all that I have found lately. Not all girls are sluts and that is what guys need to understand as well. Some girls do have standards and morals and do not care to be sluts. For the time being I will follow the advice of an old wise quote that says!


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