AEG Not Guilty for Michael Jackson Death!

AEG Not Guilty for Michael Jackson Death!


The Michael JacksonThis Is It” verdict was finally released today after several months.

Four years after the King of Pop‘s death a lot of debates still continue and finally everything has come to an end. The final verdict was in favor of AEG Live after several months of court hearings regarding the case. The six jurors in charge of the case deliberated the final results. The legend of Michael Jackson will live on forever as he was the best entertainer/performer and his concerts were amazing.  Even though he had a troubled career, people from all ages loved him no matter what anybody says. Michael also had an enormous fan base everywhere he went. Michael’s family should have loved and supported him while he was still alive. None of the money that he left or money that the family keeps on fighting for is going to bring him back. Michael’s kids should remember their father as the greatest man that ever lived.  I think his family should let everything go and let the legacy of  their son RIP.

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